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thank you|jean x reader x marco
Jean saw it all happen. His eyes wide, he looked ahead as he saw a seven meter class take a chunk out of your side.  It felt like an outer body experience. Like a nightmare. Something too bad to be true. He didn't want it to be true. As you began falling towards the ground, his body bolted into action, determined to break your fall Jean ran at full speed towards you.
Jean hooked his three dimensional maneuver gear into the nape of the titans neck, before digging his blades in deep. The titan halted in its tracks towards your seemingly lifeless body, dropping to the ground with a large thud. Jumping from the decaying body, he jogged to you, kneeling down and cradling your head on his lap.
"Oi, [name], open your eyes." Jean called weakly, his eyes clouding with unshed tears.
"J-Jean?" You opened your eyes which were now dull, a contrast to the normally sparkling [e/c] eyes Jean would stare into while you had a conversation, marvelling in their beauty. 
"Thank goodness
:iconnoba-san:noba-san 34 20
Happy Valentines Mama!-Child!BTT x Mama!Reader
Every year on February 14th, your boys would watch as you gazed into the streets, waiting for something, for someone to come and every year they couldn't handle the disappointed look upon your face when nothing turned up. They were determined to make this year different.
So as the bed dipped slightly, you rolled over, voices chanting faintly in the background. You groaned, grabbing your pillow and pulling it over head trying to escape back to the land of the sleeping.
“Mutti! Mutti! Wake up!”
“Wake up, Mama!”         
“Wake up, Maman!”
All three voices chanted, the bed continuously dipping as they jumped up and down on the bed.
Your eyes opening lazily as you groaned, “All right, I’m up, I’m up!”
Slowly, you dragged yourself into a sitting position, rubbing your eyes before turning to look at Gilbert, Francis and Antonio who were now seated on your bed with their hands beh
:iconnoba-san:noba-san 141 64
Link-The Legend of Zelda by noba-san Link-The Legend of Zelda :iconnoba-san:noba-san 8 6 me by noba-san me :iconnoba-san:noba-san 8 37
Resonance-Depressed!Canada x Reader
"Matthew! Matthew! Please, open the door!  We're worried about you-I'm worried about you..."
Your voice seemed so far away like an distant echo. Matthew pulled his knees to his chest as he bawled his fists into his hair.
Right now, you were the last thing he was worrying about. He felt so alone. Every time Matthew breathed, his chest hurt. It was horrible.
Your persistent hammering against the door continued, it was annoying.
"[y/n], please just leave me alone!" Matthew shouted, voice strained as he bawled his fists together tightly, pulling on his hair.
You wouldn't leave. Why wouldn't you leave? Everybody else did. No one else cared so why did you? It was so confusing and frustrating.
Abruptly Matthew took to his legs, unlocking the door, opening it just so you could see his face. "Look [y/n], I'm okay so will you-"
Wedging your foot in place to stop him from locking you out again. "But you're not okay, are you? Mattie, why do you lie to me? I'm your friend and I'm really wor
:iconnoba-san:noba-san 35 12
New dA ID by noba-san New dA ID :iconnoba-san:noba-san 2 0
Once there was a boy
who only knew joy,
but once he went to war,
he didn't know joy anymore.
Life in the trenches wasn't so grand,
he could hear every bomb land.
Bodies and blood was the stench in every mans trench.
Each day the depression didn't lessen,
boiling over.
So the day he climbed over the top,
the boiling depression automatically stopped.
He was happy he served for Queen and country
and one last time he felt lucky.
:iconnoba-san:noba-san 3 3
Doodles... by noba-san Doodles... :iconnoba-san:noba-san 1 0
Christmas Surprise-HRE x Old!Reader
You slowly walked down the stairs on Christmas morning, it not being a favourite holiday of yours, ever since he left. 
You weren’t expecting anything this year apart from the loneliness and hollowness he left. You’d aged quite a lot since then. Grey strands of silky hair upon your shoulders and wrinkles bestowed upon your face.
So when you saw muddy footsteps trailing throughout your house, you panicked. Had someone broken in? One of those troubled kids from a few doors down? You knew you weren’t as fit as you used to be, you’d be unable to keep up with them if you had to fight them off.
You crept down the last two steps before following the trail to the living room. As you leant over and turned the light on, you noticed it finished at the tree. However no one was there. Quickly, you ran towards the phone.
As soon as you heard the call of your name, your arm became limp as the phone slid out of your hand and towards the fl
:iconnoba-san:noba-san 19 23
Mature content
Moonlit Solace-Depressed!DenmarkxDepressed!Reader :iconnoba-san:noba-san 28 7
Time Flies-England x Nan!Reader
You sat your tiny wrinkled hands bawled into fists, as you sobbed your heart out. You knew a day like this would soon come but you never thought it would be so soon or at least that's what it felt like.
You turned your head to see your grandchild standing there, solemn face upon him as he saw the tear stains on your cheeks.
"I-I've finished packing and we were wondering whether I could stay for tea..."
Arthur trailed off as he saw your face crumple again, tears threatening to spill over. 
"I-I'm going to be really lonely without you, you know?" You hiccuped as you attempted to look up at Arthur.
Suddenly Arthur's body enveloped yours, as he buried his face into your shoulder blade.
"Nan, I will come and visit you, so you don't have to be so upset..." 
"I know but it won't be the same, who else will burn my scones?" 
Arthur chuckled sadly as he detached himself from you, looking up into your worn [e/c] eyes.
"I remember when you would play with me, even if yo
:iconnoba-san:noba-san 30 15
Different-Prussia x Insecure!Reader
Gilbert was expecting you tonight, that wasn't why he was looking so surprised. What he wasn't expecting was you to be in tears when you got here.
"[y-y/n] what's-"
"Don't leave me, please!"
"What the hell? I wouldn't-"
"I know that I'm not as good as them other girls but I love you more than anyone else and I'm willing to prove it" You stated as you stepped inside Gilbert's house, closing the front door firmly behind you.
Then discarding your coat, leaving Gil's face as flushed as as his red eyes. You only had on an isty bitsy bra and a thong now, your face also beetroot red.
"I'll let you have my virginty, just please don't leave me!".
"[y-y/n]! What are you doing?! My brother is here, you know." Gilbert hissed picking your coat up and thrusting it firmly against your chest.
This only made your tears fall faster, as sobs started wracking your small frame. "A-Am I really that bad?" You whispered, not meaning for Gilbert to hear. Suddenly, your head was pressed against Gilbert's f
:iconnoba-san:noba-san 75 13
Picture Perfect-Italy x Reader
"Say Feli, do you have any secrets?" You asked as you peered at the blue sky, your head tilted slightly.
He gulped quietly at this question for he was nervous, seeing as he had quite a few secrets. Feliciano's palms began to sweat when he thought of your reaction to his many secrets.
"N-No, I don't. Why did you ask, Bella?"
"No reason, it's just that my friend said something about everyone having something to tell and to hide and I was wondering if you did..."
He did. Back at Feliciano's house, in his gallery, there was a secret door. Behind that secret door was paintings. Paintings of you. No, he wasn't a stalker. Feliciano just loved painting you. You were a bellezza. An art in itself.
Many people think art is an everlasting thing, to always be admired. That's how he thought of you.

{“Art and love are the same thing: It’s the process of seeing yourself in things that are not you.”
― Chuck Klosterman, Killing Yourself to Live: 85% of a
:iconnoba-san:noba-san 118 14
Kiwi by noba-san Kiwi :iconnoba-san:noba-san 2 0
Happy Anniversary-England x Reader
You stood outside the seemingly dark pub, worried this was a trap, you were hesitant to step inside. You see, today was a special day for you. It was your one year anniversary of being married to Arthur and he'd told you to meet him here.
"What if this was all a trap?" You mumbled to yourself, nervously fiddling with your purse. "I guess I'll just have to find out..."
You pushed the doors open to find candles, on the tables, lighting up the bar and Arthur standing across the room from you.
"Arthur, what's all this?" You asked, surprised that he managed to pull something of this calibur together. That was when you heard the song lowly playing in the background. It was your wedding song A Thousand Years by Christina Perri.
Slowly making his way over to you, he held his hand out, a gentle smile gracing his face. "May I have this dance?".
You giggled, placing your hand in his, "You may".
As you gently rocked together to the music, he leaned in and whispered something tha
:iconnoba-san:noba-san 66 14
Hey guys,
So this morning, I logged on to find that :iconvizkopa: had sent various notes and comments regarding my fanfictions. The notes and comments were not as I expected nor were they ones I wanted to see. It appears that someone has been stealing my work and reuploading onto Wattpad under a different names and under different characters. I guess they hoped we wouldn't find them that way. Pistacholord has stolen numerous amounts of work from me and they are all in different one shot books on their account. While I have filed a DMCA against them for stealing mine, I can't be sure that they haven't stolen work from other fellow writers I follow or who follow me. So please in order to help me achieve justice by getting their account removed completely along with my stolen fanfictions, make sure they haven't taken any from you.

I honestly never thought I was a big enough account to have this happen to me but it seems like they thought I was such a small account, nobody would ever notice.

Thank you to :iconvizkopa: for noticing and notifying me, I don't know how I can repay you for this, it means so muchhug 
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